Red here to welcome you to recording and producing a site dedicated to learning and sharing about small projects and great. It is a place where willing amateurs and professionals can meet to share and gain skills and experience across the “board.”


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Personally, I believe experience is a continual learning curve. I have enjoyed music making and performing since my teenage years. At first, it was about performing live, then capturing that for future perusal and critique. Expanding my horizons really made it more fun, like having the privilege of recording raw demo tapes for some awesome musicians and singers, (the privilege was truly mine because most folks have not heard of these wonderful performers). And, you really meet some great people in the music and recording industry.

Alas, family, job, time, and of course money, among other obstacles, have dictated the terms by which this endeavor would flourish and/or crash and burn. So yes, more hobby than professional for me. But along the way, I have also met some great engineers willing to educate and give me advice, for which I am very grateful.


it’s about the passion for the end product that motivates individuals to share what they have learned with sometimes complete strangers. True, some would rather not be bothered, but you never know until you ask, and that’s where you might be surprised! I have found that most people that are good at what they do are more than happy to share how they became successful. Early on when I was just learning, I was afraid to talk to them because I thought that my elementary level of understanding would be laughed at or mocked. But many of them assured me that they too were once in my shoes.


Like anything¬†else, this is not for everyone. Either because there’s so much to learn, or because some of us just are not cut out for it whether it be for lack of patience to review, perfect and/or fully revamp as needed is a must if you’re going to be successful, and satisfied. Getting the right sound mix and all the little nuances that go into making a great recording takes time, dedication, and training.

Oh sure you go to school for all this, but my finding has been that the majority of these wonderful people who essentially create the wonderful productions that we enjoy, learned their most valuable tricks of the trade by doing and networking with others. I’m sure if you have been around the industry for any length of time, you will find that each one has a particular style and gift that they bring to their craft that often times they can’t wait to share, which in turn is enhanced by what they are willing to learn from those who share in like kind.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I or someone else will be more than happy to help you out.

Red & Susi